Our Process

Disclaimer: There is no current scientific evidence that the following theory is true. This is research that I have compiled to explain my soapmaking method and why I choose to use a glycerin soap base for my infused soap line.

For those of you who enjoy science and soapmaking, read on! The following Rabbit Hole series explains my reasoning around my methods and product choices. 

Buckle up! I am going to take you step by step through my personal rabbit hole.

1. As I started learning about herbs and oil infusions in soapmaking, I wondered if the medicinal properties of herbs survived saponification. If you'd like to read a summary of my findings CLICK HERE

2. During my herbal studies I learned that people infuse glycerin for tinctures, at low temperatures and there is proof of those medicinal properties transfering. If you'd like to read a summary of my findings CLICK HERE

3. During this same time I learned of The Nerdy Farm Wife, Jan Berry and that she infused herbs directly into glycerin based soap. She states it is mostly for color as she also cannot not make unproven claims. But lists a ton of herbs and their skin benefits to try. Hmmm, it makes logical sense based on what I have found.

4. My next thought - soap doesn't sit on the skin for that long. Even if the medicinal properties do infuse to the glycerin, how effective could it be? If you'd like to read a summary of my findings CLICK HERE

The research made enough sense that I wanted to run with it. I am infusing soap that is high in glycerin at low temps, for long periods of time, in hopes to harness the plants medicinal properties into the glycerin!

Other research that may be of interest: